Millennials: the New Caregivers

In her article in the January 2017 issue of HME News, Associate Editor Tracy Orzel brings the Millennial generation into the forefront.  “In 5 more years, they will be buying for their parents,” sites Orzel.  I am taking notes as both a Baby Boomer and Occupational Therapist specializing in home safety!  She explains the trend as follows:

Out of 75.4 million Millenials born between 1980 and 2000, 9.5 million are already caregivers, according to a study conducted by the National Alliance of Caregivers and AARP.

Medical and DME providers will need to pay greater attention to price with up-front estimates than their parents generally required.  “Millennials are also more likely to turn to Google for healthcare information and buy products online first, before going to a doctor,” states industry expert Nashlah Boyayan.  Companies in the healthcare arena need to have a strong online presence but not necessarily one that includes social media; the average Facebook user is now age 40!

“Testimonials and online reviews are key,” continues Boyayan.  “They are based on stories.  As humans we are wired for narrative and so it’s important to use it in your marketing and your message.”

We will be planning for this trending and the needs of both Baby Boomers and their Millennial caregivers as our company develops.  Be sure to keep up with the latest news from Two Step Solutions via our Facebook page and Twitter feeds @twostepsolutions.

Take care, Julie, O.T.



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